I’ve tried out some things in the tuning of the song Fearless by Erik Mongrain. I kinda like the drive of the chorus but I’ll see if it could make it to a complete song. The chorus also reminds me a little bit of some existing song that I can’t really remember.

Tuning: D A B F# A E

I applied for a music university place back in 2007 and this was one of three demo tracks I’ve used for it. It is based on a Don Ross song called “Lucy Watusi” and the song “Passerby” by Dispatch.

Tuning: D A C F C D

I browsed through some old recordings and found this tune from 2007. I just bought a Schlagwerk Cajon in that year and did a test recording along a short Guitar jam with a chorus effect on it. I can’t remember the tuning that I’ve used.

Still don’t get Antoine Dufour’s Air Ground out of my head so I just tuned to this tuning and tried to come up with some new ideas. One of them is here to hear.

Tuning: Eb Bb C G Bb D

The last three crafts were in the same tuning and these might shape up to a complete song. I think I drop craft 016 though ;). The idea for the chorus came after watching Antoine Dufour’s song Air Ground. One of my favorite fingerstyle tunes at the moment.

Tuning: C G D# G C D#

Same tuning as yesterday. Still missing a melody but could be a grooving bridge. The recording was so short I just looped the whole thing twice ;).

Tuning: C G D# G C D#

At the moment not much variety in this idea and the melody isn’t really strong. But I really like the flow ;).

Tuning: C G D# G C D#

Just coughed up the Tuning C G D G A D from a Jon Gomm Tweet. So I tried it out and came up with a first little idea.

Tuning: C G D G A D

I’m using this tuning on one of my songs called “Feeling Deep”. While practicing this song I tried to put a partial capo and came up with different parts that may fit somehow for a new song in the future.

Tuning: D A D F A E

Capo: Strings 3, 4, 5 / fourth fret

I currently have a 0.52 string on my 6th string so it’s not really a good idea to tune it down to A ;). I should probably use a 0.56 or so. Just uploaded a little idea with some mistakes. It is missing a clear melody for now but I liked the chord progression.

Tuning: A B D F# B D