I’m using this tuning on one of my songs called “Feeling Deep”. While practicing this song I tried to put a partial capo and came up with different parts that may fit somehow for a new song in the future.

Tuning: D A D F A E

Capo: Strings 3, 4, 5 / fourth fret

I currently have a 0.52 string on my 6th string so it’s not really a good idea to tune it down to A ;). I should probably use a 0.56 or so. Just uploaded a little idea with some mistakes. It is missing a clear melody for now but I liked the chord progression.

Tuning: A B D F# B D

Beim Streamen auf Twitch baue ich manchmal Loops mit verschiedenen Instrumenten. Letztens habe ich mal wieder meine Ukulele herausgeholt und dabei sind folgende Töne zustande gekommen (erneut hinterlegt mit einer automatischen Drumspur von Apples Musikmemos).

Tuning: G C E A